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Performance Art & Poetry

W E    W A L K    W I T H
B U L L E T    H O L E S
I N    O U R    B A C K S
But We Survive

THE NEW FABULOUS ^ (click to see video)

Still breathing? Not dead? The best piece of advice I can give to survivors of any kind is this: if you can answer yes to both those questions then everything else is unimportant. I don’t know about you but I find women who tell me to make gratitude lists superficial and frustrating. Facing homelessness last Christmas and still suffering with PTSD, no job, no money I could only put two things down on my list – still breathing. Not dead. It was the worst time of my life. How did I get through it? I began to write poetry. Then performed it as my alter ego Swingerella. It took off and within a year I was touring a theatre show about my life in the UK ending at Edinburgh Fringe. It was glamorous. It was exciting. But when the spotlight switched off and I went home alone to a house which eventually got repossessed I slept on the floor because my ex had taken my bed.

I   W A S   S T I L L   B R E A T H I N G 
A N D   I   W A S   N O T   D E A D

But… I was still breathing. And I was not dead. What powered me through those court appearances, the loneliness, the betrayals and the losses was this – I must tell my story. The urge was so strong that it saved me. And now – because it is authentic and honest and creative and sometimes funny – my story helps to save others. Or at least remind them that survivors are indestructible. Because we are still breathing. And we are not dead. 
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Performance Dates
"The Right" by Zara Sykes. Video starring Alice Smith. Released 22.05.17 (Click here to see)

I MISS MY ADDICTION (click here for video) &
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  • Pitchwise CURE Foundation - Sarajevo, 8th - 11th September 2017
MAY 2017
  • EdFringe 2016, Other Voices Cabaret - Banshee Labyrinth
  • Raise the Bar spoken word - venue as above
  • Poetry & Proms - Stourbridge Park, Sunday 4th September
  • National Suicide Prevention Day - art and poetry in conjunction with the Samaritans. TBA
  • Freedom Programme National Conference - Birmingham, 29th September
  • Arts All Over The Place - excerpts from Alice in the Wilderness for Mental Health Awareness Day. Sunday 9th October
  • Arts All Over The Place - Mad Hatter's Breakfast Brunch for Mental Health Awareness Day, Monday 10th October
  • Respect National Networking Conference - London, 1st November
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