Testimonials for Dark Fairytale

Photo: Happy Times Photography
  • Swingerella scares me a little. Well, a lot. Why does she scare me so much? I see myself in her, it’s like looking through a mirror and seeing a possible future, one which I nearly had. I recognise so many of Swingerella’s demons. She so powerfully taps into the pain, the longing, the self hatred, that feeling of being so lost, seeing the world from behind the walls you erect to protect yourself. Swingerella showed me who I could have become, and who so many people do become. I have seen Swingerella’s Dark Fairytale twice, and both times have had shivers, tears, laughs, moments when I could barely breathe, when I wanted to run, when I wanted to hug her, to slap her, to rescue her. Swingerella’s Dark Fairytale is a powerful show which speaks its many messages to clearly, but both times I have seen it I have found new messages. An excellent show all round, entertaining, soul gripping, thought provoking and guaranteed to give stimulation for plenty of post show conversations with your friends
  • The Greatest Shows in Edinburgh 2015: ‘a complex account of domestic abuse delivered by two burlesque performers.’ (Sunday Times)
  • The best £5 I ever spent. Such an amazing show full of dark humour and spectacular burlesque dancing, deeper meanings and pretty shoes! 
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