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I T   D O E S N ' T   H A V E   
T O   B E   T H I S   W A Y

Goddesse Education provides education and promotes awareness of domestic abuse, social injustice and mental health issues. Using creativity and the arts to highlight injustice and create social change is at the heart of what we do. We ask: why does it have to be this way? We say: Let’s change it.
Goddesse Education will use a powerful creative voice to make changes worldwide to help those who are voiceless. Our belief in the healing nature of creativity and our desire to power real social change is limitless.
Campaigns, Conferences etc.

Goddesse Education supported the Haven Women's Refuge in Wolverhampton on 10th October and supported the Brynn Children Home in India this Christmas 2016.

  • To highlight Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a new show by Alice Smith will be performed in Wolverhampton on 30th September. More details to follow and venue TBC.
JUNE 2017
  • Goddesse Education is proud to have responded to an urgent request from our friends at Brynn Children Home in India. Thanks to public donations, we raised £80 in 48 hours and the children are able to start their studies with stationery, books and pencils. The appeal is still open at paypal.me/helpachildtolearn.

New school supplies for Brynn Children Home, June 2017. (click to see/share)

APRIL 2017
MARCH 2017

Saturday 4th March, Wolverhampton (click to see/share)

  • Freedom Programme National Conference (invited guest), 29th September.
  • National Mental Health Awareness Day, 10th October. ‘Alice in the Wilderness’ by Alice Smith. For tickets and venue see press for details
  • NATIONAL DV AWARENESS MONTH: Interviews with Brum Radio (Tuesday 18th October 11am -click for playback) and Black Country Radio (Sunday 23rd October 2 - 3pm)

Alice Smith on the radio during National DV Awareness Month and at Berlin WAVE Conference 2016.(click to see/share)

  • International Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) Conference in Berlin, Germany, October 19th - 21st. (click for more info).
  • Respect’s National Practitioner Network Event. November 1st, London
  • UN 16 Days of Activism against gender violence against women around the world, November 25th – December 10th
  • Remembrance Day webinar, November 13th

Alice Smith at the Women's Equality Party Conference, November 2016. (click to see/share)

  • Women's Equality Party Conference, Friday 25th - Sunday 27th November in Manchester, performing in front of 1500 people at the inaugural ceremony of the opening of the first Women's Equality Party conference in Manchester. Performance dedicated to UN 16 Days of Activism campaign for the elimination of violence against women.
  • 2016 theme - ‘From peace in the home to peace in the world. Make education safe for all.’ Goddess Education will be running a campaign to highlight how some young women are stigmatised after sexual violence and denied education.

December 2016: Goddesse Education supporting IC Change outside Parliament to hear the private member's bill to change the law on domestic violence in the UK. (click to see/share)

  • Goddesse Education went to Parliament in December 2016, supporting IC Change in their - successful - bid to change the law on domestic violence in the UK.
  • On Christmas Day the orphans of Brynn Children Home in India have one day off school. They cook and distribute food to homeless people in their community. The Goddesse Education Christmas Campaign 2016 supported them this December, raising a total of £310. Pictures and video are shown below.

The orphans of Brynn Children Home in India (click to see/share)

What is a Goddesse?
A Goddesse sees the world differently. 
Goddesses know fear but they use it to power them. 
A Goddesse has been branded with an invisible debilitation. 
A Goddesse survives alone.  
Goddesses know that they are fabulous … (CLICK FOR MORE)
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