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Profile & Qualifications
Over the years I have taught thousands of young people all over the UK. The question I now ask myself is – does education have a heart? There has been a huge rise in mental illness amongst young people as examinations are made tougher and assessment replaces creativity and originality of thought. I think you can have both – creativity and academic excellence. My aim through Goddesse Education is to put the heart back into education.

I am a specialist English teacher with over 14 years’ experience of teaching GCSE and A-level in private and state schools and in colleges of FE. I have also been an external GCSE English examiner for 8 years and can share secrets and tips to boost confidence to pass GCSE.

Qualifications: Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
BA (Hons) Degree in English

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As a single parent with two grown up sons I know how difficult parenting can be. That's why I am also offering a consultancy service so that you can get valuable advice on how to talk to schools when you are not happy.

I have the academic knowledge. But I also have the heart. I get to know my students well and mark and assess work in between sessions. I want to inspire them and be an authentic role model – I’ve failed hugely just as much as I’ve succeeded on a world stage. As a survivor I tell my students that failure taught me more about myself than success. I’m living proof that it’s not failure that is important – it’s our attitude to it. It’s our self-belief and resilience.

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Workshops & Talks
I also have a series of workshops on specific subjects, and personally designed workshops can also be requested.
Alice Smith: English tutor, Bristol
Half day or full day session (can also be completed as one to one sessions)
How to pass English GCSE – advice, tips and tricks from Alice Smith – GCSE specialist and external GCSE examiner. Learn the 10 key ways to boost your grade. Understand the mark scheme. Pass the exam. Timing is essential – learn how to tackle this exam paper. The workshop includes written activities and feedback. Tips for ensuring your C as well as tips to gain an A*.
Alice Smith: English tutor, Bristol
Half day or full day session (can also be completed as one to one sessions)
How to pass English Literature GCSE – advice, tips and tricks from Alice Smith – GCSE specialist and external GCSE examiner. Learn the 10 key things that examiners look for in your exam papers. How to learn quotations and how many to learn? Understand the mark scheme. How to answer the poetry comparison question – it’s the trickiest section post 2017. Words and phrases that show your analysis skills. Help with note making and revision – now it’s all about memory and learning SMART.
Half day / one day / 12 week course for schools, colleges, universities and youth groups.
Covers consent, mutual respect, social media and what is a healthy relationship. Goddesse Education aims to break the cycle of abuse before it starts. This course can be adapted for young people aged 11 - 21, boys/girls only. Please get in touch to tell us what you need and we will design and deliver it for you.
As a survivor I am often asked – how did I go from homeless ‘victim’ to a teacher, performer and businesswoman? I say that in my darkest times I reminded myself of two things I was grateful for. Still breathing. Not dead. I’ve written over 500 poems and toured three spoken word shows. My talks include live performance, poetry and question & answer sessions. We are all recovering from something. We survive. Always.
Half day / one day / 6 week / 12 week course for adults
After recovering from PTSD by writing, performing and touring my work internationally, I now show others how to write to aid their own recovery.
Alice Smith: English tutor, Bristol
Need advice on how to handle schools when your child is bullied? How to get extra time in exams? What to ask at parents’ evenings? Expert advice on any issue or worry you have. Get in touch to find out insider knowledge on getting the best out of a failing system.
Day sessions of English and drama designed for home schoolers. The Secret Meeting Rooms, Glastonbury.
Saturday and Sunday tuition at times to suit you to get you ready for those exams.
Online lessons available via Skype at times to suit you, including weekends.
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